Intimidation & Violence by Radicals

May 2018


May 8, 2018

On May 7, the members of the right-wing nationalist organizations National Corpus and National Guard attacked the office of a Kharkiv public organization Trudovaya Kharkivschina [Working Kharkiv Region].

According to the head of “Working Kharkiv region,” Pavel Tischenko, during the attack there was no one in the office, but the attackers were seen by people from neighboring offices, as well as by two members of the organization. A video statement published by the head of the Kharkiv branch of National Corps, Konstantin Nemichev, stated the following: “The National Corps, together with the National Guard, visited the office of this organization and seized all the communistic attributes and propaganda. Given the inaction of law enforcement bodies, Ukrainian citizens themselves have to stop all manifestations of separatism and fight for the Ukrainian order,” Nemichev called the organization “openly separatist.”

Young people in T-shirts with the inscription “National Guard” and a trident entered the office. Nemichev broke open the door. They ripped from the walls red banners, posters, portraits of Stalin and Lenin, overturned the furniture, took out flags with the Soviet symbols, a portrait of Karl Marx, torn everything and thrown into a garbage can.

The organization “Working Kharkiv Region” carries out actions on occasions of May 1, February 23 and other holidays.



In a speech given at the march of right-wing nationalists on May 2, 2018 in Odessa (that they called “march of the Ukrainian order”) one of the speakers stated: “Ukraine will not belong to kikes! (derogatory for Jews)”

Transcription and translation of the speech:

“Friends, brothers, sisters. On May 2, 2014 Odessa people showed to whom Odessa really belongs. Odessa has never been a Russian city. Odessa has always been Ukraine and will remain Ukraine. Remembering those moments, remembering those events, I want to share that feeling that was inside me. That was a struggle till the very end. It had to happen this way, no other way. It had to be either they or us. Unarmed people simply went against firearms, protected by police at that moment. They were not afraid for their lives because they understood that if they lost Odessa, they would lose everything. They would lose themselves, they would lose Ukraine. On May 2, 2014 the first ones who died on this place -they really were heroes. With their lives, they saved lives of thousands. They saved Odessa from Donetsk and Luhansk scenarios. In that case, we would not have a peaceful place here, we would have war. We are sure about that. Having lost their lives, they saved our fate, the fate of ordinary Odessans and Ukrainians in general. After May 2, 2014, the entire Ukraine experienced a wave of crucial moments : from fluctuations towards the so-called ‘Russian world’, everything was turned towards Ukraine. That day we defended Odessa, we defended Ukraine. For the future, we believe, we are sure that we will bring a real Ukrainian order both to Odessa and Ukraine. Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians and not to kikes (a Ukrainian derogatory term for Jews), not to the oligarchy. Glory to Ukraine!



In Lviv, on May 9, a Roma camp was set on fire. Earlier a similar incident took place in Kiev where members of right wing organizations attacked a Roma tent camp. According to eyewitnesses, the incident in Lviv was carried out by about 30 young people in masks. Some residents of the camp were allegedly severely beaten, after which the attackers set their homes on fire. The residents had to leave without things and documents.

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In Odessa, a woman who was watching flowers, banners and candles on the Kulikovo field (deposited at the House of Trade Unions during the commemoration on May 2) was attacked by unknown individuals. Her injuries included a crack in the jaw, a hematoma (swelling of clotted blood) and a torn lip.

As the acquaintances of the victim told the online news outlet TIMER, the attack occurred at the moment when the woman was returning home from the Kulikovo field. She was approached by two men who began insulting her, and then one of them struck a severe blow in her face.



Nationalists carried out the march of Ukrainian order in Odessa on May 2, countering the commemoration of the victims of the massacre in the House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.

Nationalists marched through the streets with lit flares with slogans “[Put] Moskal [a derogatory term for a Russian person] on the knives” and “Glory to the Kievan Rus – Novorussiya, fuck you!”. Oleh Tyagnibok, the leader of the far-right nationalist party Svoboda, present at the rally, stated that the day should become a national holiday. According to the Ministry of Interior, there were 700 participants in the march. The ministry referred to it as the “march of patriotic forces.” According to, the majority of right wing activists belonged to the National Corps, a far-right political party founded in 2016 under the leadership of Andriy Biletski, with many coming to Odessa for the occasion from Kiev and Kharkiv regions.

At the same time, a gathering in commemoration of the victims of the massacres took place at the Kulikovo Pole. Participants let out into the sky black balloons and doves.

Many of the participants of the commemorative action were wearing T-shirts with portraits of those who were killed in the House of Trade Unions. There were no provocations or skirmishes. The rule of law was guarded by 2.5 thousand law enforcers and soldiers of the National Guard.

One man who was on his way to the Kulikovo Field in order to lay flowers was beaten up by a leader of one of the right-wing groups in the city, who in a later interview with the media, responding to the question in regards to the beating, said that the man “was punished by god.”

odessa 2018


April 2018

On April 21st 2018, members of the far-right group C14 drove fifteen Romani families from their makeshift homes in the Lysa Hora nature reserve in Kiev, Ukraine. Carrying weapons, they chased down fleeing parents carrying small children, threw stones at them, and then set fire to the tents where the Roma had been living. Serhiy Mazur, a prominent C14 Nazi, posted photos on Facebook, boasting that they had driven the Roma from the mountain.

The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHRP) reported that the raid was the result of collaboration between C14 members of the so-called ‘Municipal Guard’ (Муніципальна варта) and the Holosiyiv District Administration. The head of this ‘Municipal Guard’, Serhiy Bondar, is a C14 member who signed a memorandum of cooperation with both the Holosiyiv District Administration and the Holosiyiv National Police in December 2017.

Mazur visited the camp the previous day with some skinhead thugs and representatives of the Holosiyiv District Administration to tell the Roma to leave by the next day, or else. After the Roma were driven off, he claimed that they had been convinced to leave through convincing lawful arguments.

However, a  video appeared on 25th April showing masked white skinheads chasing after Romani families and throwing stones at them.

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The leader of the right wing group Street Front, Demyan Ganul stated that those who died on the Kulikovo field on May 2, 2014 were not people

He made this statement at a press conference on April 26, dedicated to the so-called “March of the Ukrainian order”, which Ukrainian radicals want to hold in Odessa on May 2 this year.

“I do not see any crime there” said Ganul, commenting on the question of who should be held responsible for the deaths on the Kulikovo field. To the remark that he received in response from the audience –“So there were not people?” — he answered: “I don’t think so.”



Representatives of the radical organization C14 doused the head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU) Natalia Vitrenko and her party members with paint. The action was accompanied by shouts of “Glory to Ukraine!”. “There will be no Vitrenko & Co on the Ukrainian land,” as C14 wrote in a commentary to the video they posted online.

This happened as Vitrenko was walking out from the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, which is considering her claims against the National Police of Ukraine in regards to the inaction of the police on May 9, 2017. Then the radicals attacked the leaders of the PSPU in their apartments, thus blocking their participation in the peaceful rally on the Victory Day, “No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten,” that involves  laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Kiev.



Right wingers are organizing a march on May 2 in ODESSA in order to intimidate those who come out on this day every year in commemoration of the victims of the massacre of May 2, 2014.

From Facebook event:


On May 2, 2014 in Odessa, there was a decisive test of the power of the Ukrainian idea in the fight against collaborationism, terrorism and foreign influence. On this day, hundreds of armed and trained pro-Russian criminals under the protection of the militia made an attempt to recreate the Donetsk-Lugansk scenario in Odessa: to bring the war to the Ukrainian Odessa, together with the despised Moscow’s occupying power. They were given a rebuff by the decisive and patriotic Odessan people. Their fearless upsurge became a decisive factor in determining the fate of not only the south of Ukraine, but the entire state. They saved the lives of thousands of people and unconditionally established the Ukrainian Order in Odessa.
Consequently, we, the united forces of Ukrainian nationalists, are convinced that pro-Russian colonialists do not have the right to take over this date –in fact, the ones who caused the bloody clashes and their sympathizers. May 2 in Odessa should not be used as a myth of enemy propaganda in order to consolidate an anti-Ukrainian element.

For Odessa and for the Ukrainian nation, it is a day of the decisive accomplishment by the people who, without fear of an enemy under the conditions of fatal danger, defended his city from war and chaos. We commemorate the feat of the living and dead heroes of May 2, who established and defended the Ukrainian Order in Odessa!”



Nationalists disrupted a commemoration of the Soviet liberation of Kiev and engaged in a skirmish with an opposition deputy

A video was published on Internet with the clashes that took place between nationalists from the organization C14 and the head of the party Opposition Block, Yury Boyko in Kiev at the monument of the Soviet General Vatutin. Boyko was laying flowers at the monument in commemoration of the Soviet liberation of the city. Earlier that day, elderly people gathered at the monument with flowers, while nationalists called them “dressed-up veterans” and poured red paint over the monument.

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On Tuesday, April 3, several nationalists from the “C14” came to the Kiev-Pecherska Lavra in search of “separatists.” They also accused the Metropolitan Paul “of espionage.” This is reported by the press service of “C14”.

That day, supporters of “Freedom,” “National Corps” and “Right Sector” held a march at the government building in Kiev under the slogan “For the Ukrainian future without oligarchs.”

“We came to the Lavra with an excursion, we are looking for separatists who are fighting in Donbas,” said one of the organizers. The nationalists also talked about the “occupation of the monastery”.

The nationalists met Metropolitan Pavel and his assistants on the territory of the monastery and accused him of separatism and espionage. The conversation turned into a verbal skirmish. Patrol police arrived and talked to the nationalists. After a conversation with the police, they left the territory of the monastery.


BBC’s newsnight program about Azov Battalion in Ukraine:


March 2018


A district court of Mariupol sentenced a soldier of the “Azov” regiment who stabbed a local resident in the center of the city allegedly due to a conflict with the latter over his political views. According to the “Azov” member, the victim provoked him to a murder – the deceased Mariupol resident allegedly insulted the soldier and grabbed him by his clothes. In response, the Azov member cut the victim’s throat with a knife.

The perpetrator, who was immediately released to freedom, was essentially left without punishment. It’s impossible to say that this greatly surprised the residents of Mariupol – because even during the trial, local bloggers actively talked about the fact that the judicial authorities were surely afraid to punish the Azov soldier according to the law. After all, this ultra-right paramilitary unit, legalized as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, has for several years now controlled the seaside city, and managed to thoroughly intimidate the local justice system. For example, when the Nazis shot up the apartment of a local communist with a grenade launcher in 2015, the case was hushed up without even trying to find the perpetrators.  “Nasravdi” published a detailed investigation of the “organized crime group behind the screen of Azov”, reporting that members of the regiment are implicated in numerous criminal offenses, which were never disclosed by the police – including the unpunished killings of Mariupol residents.

Translation of the full article in English:

February 2018


In Kiev, right-wing radicals from the organization C14 broke into the office building and cultural center of Rossotrudnichestvo [The Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation].

According to eyewitnesses, during the attack on the building there were children inside from a theater studio, rehearsing a play. In total, there were around 100 adults and children in the building at that time. The police arrived on call and was present in the building; however, the radicals continued to break the doors using a circular saw. It is also reported that they painted the premises of the building with slogans like “Death to Russia” and smashed an exhibit in one of the rooms. After about an hour of pogrom, the radicals left the premises.

The radicals published videos from the action:

According to the head of the Rosssotrudnichestvo in Kiev, after the attack the office was visited by representatives of the monitoring mission of OSCE.  He reported that the radicals’ action was held under extremist slogans, with appeals for physical reprisals against employees and guests of the cultural center. He also reported that the police did not detain any of the perpetrators, but only issued them a warning.



Ultra-right activists from the civic organizations Svoboda [Freedom]  and Sokol [Falcon], coming from all over Ukraine, held a march through the streets of Odessa on February 11, wearing masks and carrying torches made of toilet paper.

The event entitled “March of Right-Wing Traditions” was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the creation of the Sokol Association in 1894 in Galicia. This year it was decided to be held in Odessa: according to the press service of Svoboda, whose youth wing is the modern Sokol, it was the Odessa representatives of the organization that in 2017 showed the greatest level of activity among all the regional branches of Sokol in Ukraine. The event was also attended by the leader of Svoboda, Oleg Tyagnibok.



In Zaporozhye, right wing radicals disrupted a gathering in commemoration of the Stalingrad battle

About 20 activists of the organization “Victory Regiment” gathered near the Alley of Glory in Zaporozhye to lay flowers to the monument of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War.

They were attacked by dozens of representatives of right-wing organizations who demanded “not to plant the ‘Russian world’ in Zaporozhye and show respect to the Ukrainian soldiers who died in the Donbass.” Then someone threw a beef liver into the participants of the commemorative action as “a symbol of the Bolsheviks’ bloody power.” There was a verbal skirmish between the two groups, but thanks to the police, physical confrontation was avoided.



A paramilitary formation “National brigade” carried out “a coup” in the Cherkasy City Council: What does it mean for the entire country?

On January 29, a scandalous session took place at the Cherkasy City Council: the deputies were blocked by people in black and decisions were made under the watchful eye of tough-looking men in camouflage. 

The chairman of the Coordination Council of ATO [anti-terrorist operation] participants in the Cherkasy region, Alexander Tikhonov, thus explained the presence of unknown people in black at the session of the City Council: “We are here today as people who want and can change the situation that has developed in our city. We have a moral right to this. These guys defended Ukraine and they are part of the territorial community.”

The police did not prevent the presence of these “defenders.” The fact that they belong to a formation the “National Brigade”, sponsored by the famous nationalist people’s deputy and leader of the party “National Corps,” Andrei Biletsky, was not a secret. This was confirmed by Biletsky himself who explained the interference of his wards by citing the need to resolve the crisis in Cherkasy.

The men in black came to support the interests of one of the political fraction in the City Council of Cherkasy. They had their faces covered but the camouflage clothes of many had “National Brigade” written on them. It looked like some of them had weapons underneath the clothes, as one of the deputies reported to journalists.

According to eyewitnesses, the police at the time of the “invasion” and blockade of the courtroom did not try to interfere with the “vigilantes” (members of the brigade). Having taken the room under their control, most men refused to communicate with the press. And most importantly, they prevented the deputies of the city council from leaving the premises, even using violent means to do this.

As a result, the issues brought to the consideration by people’s deputies were considered “under the supervision” of people in black, whose actions were coordinated by their leaders Kukharchuk and Shevchenko. As it became clear from the essence of their demands, the actions of the “National Brigade” actually played into the hands of the Mayor Bondarenko. The threats and curses were heard in the room, there were also occasional clashes. Eventually the session ended with a voluntary disbanding of the session by the deputies.
Whether there will be a trial as to why the police present in the hall did not intervene in the blockade and de facto seizure of the City Council is a big question, given the fact that the National Brigade presented the interests of the higher-ups in the power.

There is also a national context in this story. On January 29, Ukrainians were openly shown that some authorities in the implementation of their interests can easily engage paramilitary groups [such as “National Brigade”] to exert an undisguised pressure on their opponents. Thus they clearly demonstrated that the goals of the “vigilantes” are not so much patrolling the streets but rather exerting pressure on the authorities and even, perhaps, coming to power in the future.

This incident makes even more urgent the question of where the outcome of the upcoming march of the “National Brigades” may lead. After all, the de facto nullification of powers of the police in Cherkasy and its actual substitution by the “street army” could lead to the loss by the state of its monopoly on power.



January 2018


On January 25, radicals from the nationalist group C14 and several other right wing structures joining them carried out an attack on the Desyatinny Monastery in Kiev. This is one of several incidents in the ongoing conflict between nationalist organizations and the church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Later it turned out that it was already a second assault on the Desyatinny Monastery on the same day. The first incident occurred a few hours before, under cover of the night. According to Archimandrite Clement, two men attempted to set fire to the temple by climbing onto its roof. As was established later, the perpetrators were Alexey Shemotyuk and Alexander Gorban, known members of the group C14. Following their arrest, right wing activists made a call on social networks for supporters to appear at the court hearing to support the arsonists, which they did. The presence of radicals in the courtroom may have influenced the prosecutor’s decision to ask for a house arrest, although in the initial papers filed with the court he had asked for the perpetrators to be detained in jail. Eventually, the court ruled to detain them with the possibility to leave on bail in the amount of 2.2 million hryvna each.

The judge who presided over the case, Tatyana Levitskaya, was subsequently being criticized on social networks and received a handwritten note on her car, perceived by her and her family as a threat. Levitskaya is one of the judges in the ongoing case of the murder of journalist Oleg Buzina. The defendants in that case are also members of the right wing movement. It is expected that there will be attempts to pressure the judges –including Levitskaya– before the next hearing on February 9.



Right wing radicals from the group C 14 attacked the editor’s office of an orthodox online newspaper, threatening journalists who were present at the moment and accusing them of producing “extremist” materials. Radicals themselves published videos of their raid. 

The radicals also demanded from the employees to show what they have on their monitors.

Among the “guests” was the leader of C14 Evgeniy Karas, who had earlier admitted to being connected to the SBU. Most of the nationalists were wearing balaclavas. They claimed that they found in the office leaflets calling for the boycott of Roshen (the President Poroshenko’s enterprise), books claiming that there is a civil war in Ukraine, materials about Patriarch Filaret and the Volyn massacre.

The staff of the site called the police. After the arrival of the police, the nationalists left the premises, taking along a hard drive of one of the computers.


December 2017


On Saturday, militants from the “Azov” battalion blocked the office of the Communist Party of Ukraine in Kiev (the party was banned after Euromaydan), where a Komsomol meeting was taking place.

The event was thwarted. Police came to the scene. To avoid a scuffle, the participants of the failed meeting were evacuated in an ambulance.

The representative of the militants made the following statement (watch video below): “We will continue to observe them [communists]. In any form: on the Internet and otherwise. Today their coven has been disrupted. And our goal has been achieved. We broke their backbone. They know what we know about them. They were all with open faces recorded by our cameras, our journalists. They will be recorded by the police.

They understand that any of their activities, any talk about the renewal of the Communist Party, in Odessa, Kharkov region, is already ending. We already know who they are. And we will act decisively. Not one beast from the past can pass.

The Communist Party was banned and will stay banned. And no branch – the Komsomol, Pioneers or October – have a right to act in Ukraine. They carry an anti-Ukrainian idea. They create a foothold for the offensive of the Russian government, the military …

We will watch today the media, the Russian media, and will monitor them, whether they dare to give something or not. If they dare – we will find out identities of the journalists who were here. We will find everyone who helps the aggressor – the Russian Federation.”


October 2017

Members of ATO (anti-terrorist operation in Donbass) attacked passers-by in Shevchenko Park in Odessa on October 12 and threatened them with a pistol, a knife and a grenade (they did not actually have grenades), as well as damaged property of a small store and beat its owner.

Police decided not to detain them, although they opened criminal cases against the violators of public order.



September 2017


After skirmishes with activists of nationalist and EuroMaidan organizations in Odessa, 20 policemen and 16 members of the National Guard ended up in hospital

According to the Dep-t of Communications of the Odessa Police Dep-t, 36 officers were injured during clashes with representatives of nationalist and “Euro-Maidan” organizations on 18 and 20 September. The clashes took place on September 18 at the city court of Illichivsk after the announcement of the acquittal of defendants in the case of May 2. Radicals attempted to enter the court building but were prevented from doing so by the police. On September 20, they tried to break in into the Odessa City Hall during a session of the City Council. According to TIMER, the majority of hospitalized policemen received eye burns and burns of upper respiratory tracts due to the use of tear gas and other similar means by protestors. Radicals were also throwing explosive packs and tiles on law enforcement agents. No one was detained on the spot.

Later, a criminal case was open against the protestors for having threatened and attacked law enforcement officers.

Photos & Videos:



One of the defendants in the case on May 2 was hit in the head with a metal object after having been acquitted by the court 

He is hospitalized. Details are being specified.


August 2017


Sergei Shabovta, head of the All-Ukrainian public organization of veteran submariners, was hit in the face by Dmitry Reznichenko, a “veteran” of the ATO [Anti-terrorist Operation in Donbass] (video)

The incident occurred in Kiev in the House of Veterans. During a conversation in the corridor, Shabovta declared directly in the face of the ATO veteran that the Maidan had to be dispersed already in 2014, in response to which Reznichenko hit the older man in the face.

After the incident, Reznichenko said that they (ATO-members) will continue to struggle with organizations like Shabovta’s and find out on what they spent budget money.


The police “supervised” nationalists mocking the bust of Marshal Zhukov and beating a journalist 

Several police officers were constantly present at the rally of members of right-wing organizations who, on the night of August 24, smashed Marshal Zhukov’s bust that they had stolen earlier, but did not interfere with their actions. The presence of law enforcement officers can be clearly seen on a video recorded by one of the participants of the action. It can be seen that the police do not interfere in any way with the activists’ actions, although later the police stated that they opened criminal proceedings against them under the article “Hooliganism”.

The same activists attacked the journalist of the television channel “Academy” Sergei Bakumenko, spraying his face with tear gas. Policemen present at the scene decided not to react to this either.



Activists who stole the monument of Zhukov [Marshal of the Soviet Union] attacked a journalist at night

The journalist of the Odessa TV company “Academy” Sergey Bakumenko said that he was attacked on the night of August 24 by the activist Sergey Sternenko and accompanying persons who had symbols of the nationalist party “Svoboda” [Freedom] on their T-shirts. He said they used tear gas against him.

According to the video message he posted on his Facebook page, he noticed three police cars as he was walking at night. In one of the trunks he discerned the bust of Marshal Georgiy Zhukov. When the journalist wanted to find out from the police what was going on, they refused to comment. Members of “Svoboda”[Freedom], in turn, said that this was a “Forostyak’s monument”. After that Bakumenko walked away but activists along with Sergei Sternenko followed him. According to the journalist, they used bottles of tear gas and sprayed them in his face.

As TIMER reported earlier, on the night of August 24, the day of Independence of Ukraine, activists of the Euromaidan movement stole a monument to Marshal Zhukov in Odessa. Subsequently, they were spreading the photo of the stolen monument in social networks.



An opposition journalist was beaten up in Zhitomyr

In the center of Zhytomyr, the former ATO [anti-terrorist operation in Donbass] soldier Vasily Shcherbakov attacked an opposition journalist Sergei Forest.

According to the correspondents of the newspaper ‘Golos Pravdy’ [The voice of truth] who cite the victim Forest, the attack was organized by the deputy of the regional council from the Samopomich [Self-Help] party, as well as a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Elena Galaguza.

Forest is sure that the purpose of the attack was to provoke him to retaliate, which would give grounds for calling the police and detaining him for beating a “veteran of the ATO [anti-terrorist operation in Donbass]”. According to the journalist, Galaguza was standing next to him and recording what was happening on the video.




Local nationalists in Odessa confiscated a Russian flag and a St. George ribbon from a car of tourists from Transnistria and burned the objects (video)



Adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, Ilya Kiva, threatened a doctor who published the data of medical examination confirming his mental illness

The former head physician of the Poltava Regional Center for Medical and Social Expertise Tatiana Zhabo spoke up about the harassment by Avakov’s adviser, Kiva [a former member of the far-right Right Sector]. Two years ago, at the request of the battalion members commanded by Kiva, the physician was forced to disclose the data of the medical examination. According to them, he suffers from serious mental disorders.

“Many times they came to work, to the office, to my home, and threats began that were subsequently confirmed by actions, and I was attacked three times in 2014-2015, in my house, these were armed attacks, by people wearing masks, with automatic weapons, resulting in bodily harm of medium gravity, “- says Zhabo. “After the information was published, huge pressure began. First of all, I was immediately fired without any reasons.” Subsequently, Zhabo won in 8 court cases in regards to her dismissal, but the decision to reinstate her in office was not carried out.

More on Kiva:




For the second time in two weeks an activist was attacked in Ivano-Frankivsk

According to the victim, the attacker was the same young man who attacked him during the presentation of the book “Left Europe” on August 8. At that time about 40 young people disrupted a lecture on social movements and beat two activists – 31-year old Andriy and 16-year old Yevgeniya.

[English-language source]



Either ex-commander of the nationalist battalion “Aidar” or his guard engaged in a shoot-out near a kindergarten in Kiev.

Deputy Borislav Bereza wrote on his Facebook page that there was a conflict in Troieschyna [a Kiev district] with raiders who wanted to illegally take away the building of the kindergarten. This was allegedly prevented by activists.

Blogger Yevgeny Shevchenko claims that Melnichuk defended these raiders: “Melnichuk said that the decision of the court for him does not mean anything and the kindergarten supposedly will be his public reception room! But the local people were outraged by such behavior and, in the literal sense of the word, beat him up a little bit. That’s why Melnichuk took out his pistol and started shooting at people,” the blogger wrote on his Facebook page.

Video of the conflict:



Right-wing radicals beat a man in a T-shirt with a sickle and a hammer in Odessa

As the publication “Блокнот Молдовы” (“Notepad of Moldova”) reports, they demanded of the owner of the T-shirt with the communist symbols to remove it, and then they began to beat him. The publication also posted a video of this scandalous incident, but it was later removed by the YouTube administration “for violating the rules regarding insults and threats.”



Radicals from the youth nationalist group S-14 came home to a pregnant woman from Kiev Svetlana Picta to intimidate her for having opposed the collection of financial aid for ATO soldiers at school.

As Picta wrote on her Facebook page, three people knocked at her apartment door, introducing themselves as policemen. At that time she was alone in the apartment, she did not open the door and they threatened to come the next day.

Later it turned out that the individuals were representatives of the radical organization S-14. They explained the reason for the visit by the fact that Picta maintains ties with the Russians and accused her of separatism. The organization published Picta’s home address on their Facebook page with a remark: “S14 invites patriots who are not indifferent to the matter to pass by at this address in order to make similar separatist provocations impossible.”

Before leaving, they pasted the entrance with leaflets with pictures of Picta and her passport details. The fact that it was made by visitors from the S-14, is confirmed by the video cameras at the entrance.

One of the claims that radicals from the organization S-14 put forward against Picta is her friendship with journalist Ruslan Kotsaba. According to him, radical organizations have become a unit for carrying out political repression and believe in their impunity: “The danger is that they are taking over functions of law enforcement agencies and decide whom to punish and for what.”



Odessan members of the Right Sector made a statement on their Facebook page about the upcoming gay parade : we will not allow a “coven” of “marginal layers of the Ukrainian society. They plan to prevent the LGBT community from having a march in Odessa on August 13.

“The Right Sector stands for conservative and Christian values ​​as a solid support for the Ukrainian statehood. Therefore, we will by all possible means resist the negative influence of “grants-eaters” [grants recipients]. In our time, the main thing is victory and not problems of sexual minorities,” activists wrote.

“We are against the demonstration in the public of various perversions, the positioning of these perversions as norms. We are against the society being brought up in line with the adoption of unnatural and perverted manifestations as the norm.”

July 2017


In the Odessa region, a court was bombarded with Molotov cocktails: the police detained rioters

Riots in front of the District Court broke out today in the village Shiryaevo, Odessa region. Rioters even threw two Molotov cocktails on the building, but they were quickly extinguished.
The conflict broke out after another attempt by activists of the Odessa organization “Ukraine -It’s Us” under the leadership of Vitaly Golodko and by some local residents to deal with the judge Sergey Paliy, who, in their opinion, makes illegal decisions.

Golodok and his comrades tried to influence Judge Paliy for the first time on July 21. After that, on the order of the deputy head of the regional police, the judge was assigned guard.

In the beginning of June, activists of the organization “Ukraine – It’s Us” picketed the Odessa Economic Court of Appeal, which is on Shevchenko Avenue. The protest turned into a brawl, during which the doors of the side entrance to the courthouse were knocked out.



Activists seized the court building in the Odessa region: people demand the dismissal of a judge, while he locked himself in his office

This morning, public activists of the “Ukraine-It’s us” organization, led by Vitaly Golodka, blocked the Shiryaevsky district court of the Odessa region. As reported on the official website of the court: “At this moment, there is an actual seizure of the administrative building of the court by “activists” and the detention of Judge of Shiryaevsky District Court in the Odessa region as a hostage are taking place. The actions of these individuals fall under the category of a number of crimes from the Criminal Code of Ukraine. When we asked what is going on, we received an answer that this is a peaceful action.”
As a part of the rally, the protesters brought rubber tires to the building and threatened to set them on fire. As Vitaly Golodok himself explained, people are not content with Judge Sergei Paliy, who, in their opinion, makes illegal decisions. In particular, according to the public activist, the judge regularly acquits drunk drivers who become culprits of accidents. Activists demand that the judge resign.

In early June, activists of the organization “Ukraine – It’s Us” picketed the Odessa Economic Court of Appeal on Shevchenko Avenue. The protest turned into a brawl, during which the doors of the side entrance to the courthouse were knocked out.

June 2017


President of Moldova Igor Dodon appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine with a request to ensure the safety of citizens of the Republic of Moldova who visite the territory of Ukraine.

Dodon wrote this on his Facebook page, commenting on a recent incident in which a group of activists attacked a Moldovan citizen who was driving in the Odessa region by car, on which he put a sticker with a map of Russia. “The attitude towards our compatriots in the neighboring country is a matter of concern. This is not the first time when Moldovan citizens are attacked, “Dodon writes. «In this regard, I appeal to the neighboring state with a request to ensure the safety of our citizens, who are in Ukraine temporarily or by transit. I have passed a relevant appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. ”




The former head of the Odessa branch of the “Right Sector” promised to disrupt a concert of the band “Time and Glass”, which is to be held in the night club “Ibiza” on June 16.

“Next on the list are the group” Time and Glass ” who have received Russian awards. They also toured in the Russian Federation, ” Sternenko wrote on his Facebook page.

We remind that on May 28, Sternenko and his like-minded comrades managed to disrupt a concert of the singer Loboda in the same club “Ibiza”, after which a number of performers announced cancellation of their concerts: for example, today, June 8, it became known about the cancellation of a concert of the Russian rapper “Mot” and of a charity concert by Irina Bilyk.




On June 8, there was a small skirmish between law enforcement officers who were responsible for the protection of public order during the concert of Irina Bilyk in the restaurant LeoPark and representatives of right-wing radical organizations trying to disrupt the event

About half an hour after the concert began, a group of activists tried to break through the police cordon to get into the restaurant grounds and disrupt the concert. They failed to do this, and one of the most active participants in the breakthrough attempt was detained by the police.

After that, the participants of the attempt to disrupt the concert concentrated their efforts on liberating one of their comrades: that is, they surrounded the bus, where the detainee was placed by the police, not to allow the delivery of the detainee to the police station.




Member of the “Street Front” organization, a native of the Kirovograd region, Demyan Ganul boasted of his personal mini “victory” over Russia.

As Ganul wrote in his Facebook account, in the minibus №175 he noticed “symbols of the aggressor state” – the Russian Federation. The activist added that he had to conduct an “educational conversation” with the public transport driver.

“The symbolism is removed, the driver will “live in a new way, “- Ganul joyfully reported.





On June 10, a Russian rap singer Matvey Melnikov (scenic pseudonym – Mot) was supposed to perform at the club “Bono” in Odessa, but local nationalists said they would disrupt the concert.

This was reported by the right-wing radical Sergei Sternenko, who previously announced and directed a protest against a Ukrainian pop singer Svetlana Loboda in Odessa.


As Sternenko wrote on his Facebook page, Mot “performed in the occupied Crimea” in March 2015 and in September 2016.





On the morning of June 2, an all-Ukrainian forum “Women for Peace” was supposed to take place in the hotel complex on the Gagarin Plateau, 5. However, because of the report about a booby-trap, all the people were evacuated from the building.

As a MP from the “Opposition bloc”, the initiator of the National platform “Women for Peace” Natalia Korolevskaya reported that as the women were evacuated, aggressive youngsters in camouflage attacked them, insulted them and poured on them a green antiseptic.




After a court session in the case of May 2 in the city court of Chernomorsk (a city near Odessa) a group of activists of nationalist organizations attacked the lawyer Valentin Rybin, who defends one of the accused.

Valentin Rybin is the lawyer of Yulia Mefyodova, an activist of the Kulikova Field, who is one of the accused in the case of the riots on the Greek Square on May 2, 2014. According to eyewitnesses, the nationalists used tear gas against the lawyer, as well as struck him several times, accusing him of helping the separatists.



May 2017


Radicals disrupt another concert

In the evening of May 28, a concert of the singer Loboda was supposed to take place at the night club “Ibiza” in Odessa’s Arcadia, but representatives of nationalist organizations decided to disrupt it. True, it was possible to do this only after resorting to a time-proven method – a false report that the place was booby-trapped.

The report about a booby-trap was preceded by activists’ attempts to disrupt the concert with more direct methods: thus, they began throwing firecrackers on people on their way to the establishment, and when the police attempted to detain the most active “pyrotechnic,” they tried to defend their “brother” from law enforcement officers – however, unsuccessfully.




In Odessa on the Cathedral Square, the ex-leader of the local organization of the Right Sector, Sergei Sternenko and his comrades discovered on May 19 a car of two Moldovan women whose car had a St. George ribbon on it and handed them over to the police.

This Sternenko wrote on his Facebook page; “An explanatory conversation was held with unwanted guests in Ukraine and police officers were called in to draw up a protocol on the administrative violation. I note that, according to the “protagonists” of the incident, on the same day border guards at the post “Palanka” let them in with this symbol, without telling them anything.”




In Izmail, a veteran of punitive operations in the Donbas section stripped a man of his T-shirt with a portrait of Putin in the middle of the street and threw it away.




An activist of “Euromaydan,” accused of a murder, set a dog on neighbors and broke a nose to the a policeman.

This afternoon in one of the microdistricts of Odessa there was a domestic conflict because of problems with parking. Sergei Khodiak, who was walking his dog in the yard, interfered in the fight and later resisted police officers: he broke one of the policemen’s nose and took away his rubber baton.

Sergey Khodiak is known as a pro-Ukrainian activist, who on May 2, 2014 opened fire from a hunting rifle on the Greek Square in Odessa. As a result, at least 1 person was killed. The journalist Konstantinov was wounded and probably also a policeman as well as Evgeny Losinsky, who died soon because of his wounds. All attempts to bring Khodiak to justice, to imprison him and to judge, resulted in the fact that numerous militants- Khodiak’s «brothers» would physically defend him and force law enforcerment agents to retreat. However, policemen usually did not insist.

In the current incident, Khodiyak was detained together with other participants in the fight and was kept in a temporary detention facility. He was suspected of committing a crime under Article 345 of the Criminal Code – violence against a law enforcement officer. And again, the “untouchable” militant, in accordance with the tradition of impunity for “patriots”, was soon released from custody. There is no doubt that the case against him will not go any where.




Yarosh’s guards shot in a leg of a taxi driver, because he did not answer to the slogan “Glory to Ukraine.”

As eyewitnesses of the incident report in social networks, the reluctance of the taxi driver to answer passengers’ greeting “Glory to Ukraine” entailed a stormy reaction of the latter.

Two passengers hit the driver when he turned away to check the change. Another “patriot” came to their aid. In the course of the conflict, the raging passengers began to hit the car, after which one of them shot the taxi driver in both feet. Other taxi drivers came to the scene, one of them also received a gunshot wound.

“Patriots” were detained, but a month later one of them was released from custody. There is every reason to believe that the guards of a prominent national-patriot will be released without punishment.

Dmytro Yarosh is the former head of the Right Sector, currently a Defense Ministry official and an adviser to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.




Odessa: armed “patriots” seized a building in the resort area

This was reported by the adviser to the head of the regional police, “Euro-Maidan” activist Ruslan Forostyak, who named the said persons one of the “patriotic” groups of the city. According to law enforcers, some activists had weapons with them.




On May 12, the former leader of the Odessa “Right Sector” Sergei Sternenko and his comrades attacked the lawyer in the case of May 2, Andrei Karkishchenko.

The incident occurred after the meeting of the Odessa Region Court of Appeals in the case of the staged kidnapping of the People’s deputy Goncharenko: Karkischenko is the lawyer of one of the accused in the case, namely of Alexander Kushnaryov , the father of Gennady Kushnaryov, one of the victims on May 2.




Odessa radical activists went to the village of Kuchurgan in the Razdelnyansky district of the Odessa region, because on May 9, there were cars with Soviet symbols allegedly seen there.

This was reported on his Facebook by the former leader of the Odessa branch of the “Right Sector” Sergei Sternenko, who stressed the fact that “patriots” came to the Razdelny district to find out circumstances of the incident and suppress the “separatist sabbath.” The activist also noted that on the Victory Day “communist and prohibited Russian symbols” were used in Kuchurgan. In fact he confused the flag of the village for the Russian tricolors, since there were indeed no Russian flags on cars.




Activists of the organization “Avtomaydan Odessa” (not to be confused with the Odessa “Avtomaydan” led by Ustimenko) blocked the work of a repair plant in the village of Vasilyevka in Belyaevsky district of the Odessa region.

As an employee of the plant told TIMER, the attackers were accompanied by law enforcement officers along with the chief of the district police department. The latter, at the request of the head of “Automaydan” Yevgeny Rezvoshkin, asked all workers of the Vasilievsky repair plant “to immediately come to the plant”. Representatives of the Odessa “Self-defense” also appeared there. “Near our village, there are 150 people standing wearing masks. As I understand when we are done talking to the police, these 150 people will rush to seize our plant, “says an employee. What exactly demands the Automaydan, is still unknown, but for the plant this story is not new: on February 17, 2016 Rezvoshkin already stormed the enterprise, demanding to stop its work.




There is a video circulating in Internet of the arson of the Dnipro office of the “Opposition block”.

This short video was published by one of the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition Alexander Vilkul. He also said that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing large-scale repressions against the opposition.

“The authorities, perhaps, say that they are building Europe in Ukraine, but this is Germany of the 30s. Arsons of party offices and TV channels, attacks by radicals. We know that political repression is being prepared against us. Members of the Victory March, and there were 25 thousand of them, are just being caught on the streets and asked: “Give us any evidence against the” Opposition block “, and we’ll let you go.” The authorities declared a war on rights and freedoms. We urge everyone to unite, “Vilkul wrote on his Facebook page.




On May 10 in Chernivtsi, a dozen of individuals dressed in camouflage uniforms beat by the chairman of the local branch of the Opposition Bloc Ruslan Tulik; he was hospitalized.

As this party organization stated, radicals, led by the deputy of the Chernivtsi regional council from the party “Self-defence,” Olga Kobyevko, attacked Tulik. Recently, the member of opposition published a photo of the May 9 celebration in the social network, after which he began to receive threats from Ukrainian nationalists. At present, the man is in a serious condition in the neurosurgical department of one of the hospitals in Chernivtsi. The patient is diagnosed with concussion and numerous bruises.




Today about 30 people – members of right-wing organizations of Nikolayev – attacked the office of the Association of War Veterans in Afghanistan and reserve soldiers.

First, several people came to the office under the guise of “parliamentarians” -to talk about yesterday’s clash during the celebration of Victory Day. However, the conversation did not take place – following the “parliamentarians”, unknown persons in masks broke into the office and began to destroy flags standing in the waiting room.

The attackers were about 30 people, among them were members of the civil corps “Azov”. In the office at this time there were 7 people. The head of the Association Yuri Solovei jumped out first to the attackers, followed by two more. Solovei and his comrades were immediately knocked down and and beaten. Solovei was targeted most of all – they hit his head with a metal rod, he received an open fracture of his finger on his left arm and multiple bruises.

At present, the office of the “Afghans” [veterans of the Afghan war] on Nikolskaya Street is cordoned off by the police. The attackers are not particularly hiding – they stand as a separate group here, near the office. Police makes no attempts to detain them.

Right-wing radicals do not hide that an attack on the office of “Afghans” is a revenge for yesterday’s incident during the celebration of Victory Day.




The first fights began in Nikolayev: nationalists burned the communist flag

In Mykolayiv, Victory Day turned out to be restless. A fight broke out near the store “Sotka”, where participants of the action “Immortal Regiment” began to gather in the morning for the procession.

Nationalists approached protesters and started expressing their indignation at the fact that there was Stalin depicted in the photo. Eventually the verbal brawl turned into a fight.




Seven against one: “patriots” forced an activist of “Kulikovo field” to kneel, while they were performing a Nazi salute.

On May 9, a group of right-wing radical activists attacked a member of the Kulikovo field, Maurice Ibrahim, on the Alley of Fame.

Choosing the moment when a middle-aged man was alone, radicals surrounded him and tried to force him to kneel and shout nationalistic slogans. He refused to do this, and then the activists did it without his participation – and at the same time they did a Nazi salute. The police officers who were nearby were watching the scene indifferently.




In Mykolayiv, activists are preparing Molotov cocktails and holding “shooting practices”, dedicated to the upcoming Victory Day in Mykolayiv.

This was reported by the user Sergey Reznichenko on his Facebook page. “If the local impotent regional and city authorities do not react to the manifestations of separatism, communist symbols, we will act!” – Reznichenko threatened.




Odessa radicals attacked a deputy of the “opposition”

On the afternoon of May 3, radical-minded activists painted a reception of the deputy of Odessa City Council from the “Opposition Bloc,” Bogdan Giganov, with nationalist symbols.

«Rude and radically-minded children, protected today by law enforcement agencies, painted the façade of my reception area with nationalist slogans, symbols and lit a fire on the sidewalk, right under the windows of an apartment house!” – wrote Giganov.

Also, the deputy was angered by the fact that no policeman approached intruders while they were setting up fire on the sidewalk and painting the building.




A video has been published in social networks of provocations, arranged by nationalists on the Kulikovo field on May 2, 2017.

The video shows how representatives of radical organizations offend citizens of Odessa, shout slogans calling for the murder of Russians, etc. It is clear in the video that law enforcement officers do not prevent provocations, they only look out for the security of nationalists and prevent possible retaliatory actions of citizens.




On May 1, a rally with communist symbols was planned in Kherson. However, several dozens of nationalists prevented the event in the Park of Glory from happening.

They came with Ukrainian national symbols and demanded that the Communists leave the park. After verbal skirmishes and clashes, during which particularly active participants in the communist rally were injured, the participants of the May Day procession left the park without deploying their flags.




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