This website keeps track of acts of violence and intimidation carried out by right wing radical groups in Ukraine, as well as of acts of repression of basic liberties and persecution of opposition by the Kiev government. Here you will find translation of articles – full or partial- from local media outlets in Ukraine that report such incidents. The goal of the website is to make accessible current developments in Ukraine to foreign audience, as the majority of local incidents are not reported in English language.

In the years following the change of power in 2014, the level of violence in Ukraine has exceeded all limits.
Every day there are merciless battles of trained and armed militants representing radical nationalists who won in the coup of 2013-2014, against an unarmed civilian population.
The state special services are raging: in their activities they widely use provocations, torture, false accusations.
The police and the judiciary do not work. If the police sometimes dare to apply their legal rights towards pro-fascist militants-provocateurs, they are repressed. If the courts decide to make a fair decision, right-wing fighters immediately appear in the courtroom and under their pressure any decision can be canceled, while judges are dismissed from their jobs.
The White Book published on this website will contain neither emotions nor long analyses of events. We publish only facts, relying on available sources and only occasionally giving comments to explain the context of what is happening, which is often incomprehensible to the English-speaking reader.